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Enjoy old fashioned goodness with ease and convenience with our extraordinary selection of festive and savory mouth watering bread mixes. We offer several flavors and varieties of our hearty and wholesome pre-blended bread mixes including mixes for your bread machine and special flavored mixes for your oven.

How about an authentic beer batter fish fry. Dancin' Tastebuds beer batter mix is light and crispy on the outside while keeping foods moist and tender on the inside. Our beer batter mix is a blend of the very best herbs and spices combined with the right combination of flours for the best in flavor and texture.

We offer 2 Cookbooks and Cornbread Mixes for "Birdies and Peoples"

You asked for it and we've got it. The famous Beer Bread. Our Beer Bread is called "One Can Delicious", with 4 available flavors.

Our Muffin / Quick bread "Soda Pop" mixes are a work of art. We offer such flavors as Banana Split, Chocolate Uncovered Cherry and Turtle Parts along with our layered breads such as Spirit of America, Banana Covered Chocolate and Neopolitan. All you need is a can of Soda Pop.

We also offer something truly unusual........."Martian Pancakes". Are they truly of Alien origin? With the flavors we offer, they could only be extraterrestial. How about Blueberry Cheesecake or Raspberry Marshmallow. You don't need syrup......they come with a package of "Cosmic Dust" to sprinkle on top of your buttered pancakes.

We are getting quite well known for our flavored cornbread mixes. They can be compared to none. Guaranteed Super Moist and packed with so much flavor you won't know your eating cornbread. Our Fruity flavors such as "Zesty Orange" and "Razzelberry" and our famous "Extreme Cinnamon" are being used as an alternative for breakfast foods replacing the standard doughnuts. It's healthier and will stay with you longer. Our non-sweet flavors such as "From Thy Garden" and "Jalapeno, Sun Dried Tomato and Cream Cheese" are replacing bread and rolls at the dinner table. Our new desert Cornbreads are so packed with goodies that you swear your eating cake instead of cornbread. So far we offer our famous "Guilty Pleasure" which is cocoa cornbread loaded with mini milk chocolate chips, walnuts and raspberry flavored bits. Truly a masterpiece. Be patient.....there's more to come.

"Spiral Puffs" are what we refer to as hurry up rolls. They are a soft bisquit type dough with flavor pouches that you can make and bake in under an hour. No Need to Knead for 15 minutes or extended rise time. We offer sweet varieties such as Orange Parfait and Raspberry Delish as well as non-sweet varities like Cajun and Dill Pickle Dill.

NEW NEW NEW Join our BREAD MIX CLUB!!! Every month recipient will receive 2 bread mixes. Just prepay for the duration period of your choice and we will do the rest. Several packages available.

"Kitchen Things" are things you can use in your kitchen such as the fancy hanging towels, quilted table runners and placemats, quilted pot holders and adjustable counter top book racks. Since styles and designs change, this page will always change to reflect what is offered until it is sold.

Take the plunge and treat yourself or loved ones to some of the best tasting products available.

Our products may take just a little longer than others to receive because......"we produce and bag per your order to ensure maximum freshness". At Dancin' Tastebuds, we firmly believe in giving our customers a fresh and high quality item at a remarkable price.

Wholesale accounts welcome. For information, Contact Us.

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